Water Soluble solutions (Tanalith E)

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Tanalith E

Our facilities offer the possibility of impregnated wooden poles with Water Soluble Solutions, preferred type of solution, TANALITH E by Lonza Timber.

 The dimensions of the poles may vary from 3meter up to 16meters  of all different categories (Light-Medium-Stout), based on British & European Standards as well as every clients specific needs.

Wooden poles Impregnated with Tanalith E may offer a lifecycle of more than 25years, and are mainly used for the Electricity distribution Grid as well as Telecommunication Grids all over the world, and most importantly with zero Environmental impact.

Our company is impregnating wooden poles using the “Rueping Empty Cell Process” through a 28 meter long Chamber of Impregnation.

Our impregnation procedures follow up ISO 9001:2015 & ISO 14000:2015 rules.