Corporate Responsibility

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donations of health supplies to local organisations

As part of its corporate responsibility strategy, Bionrgwood completed yesterday donations of health supplies to local organisations in order to facilitate the mission as well as for the protection of employees in Hospitals and Police Departments amid COVID-19.

More specifically, on Monday April 6th, 2020, 50.000 disposable gloves and 4.000 protection masks were delivered to the General Hospital of Drama in order to support the operation of the hospital for patients with COVID-19. The material was handed over on behalf of Bionrgwood Mr. Charakidis and Mr. Emporiadis to the Hospital Commander, Ms. Niki Karatzoglou, wishing good health to all the doctors and nurses who exaggerate themselves during this difficult period.

On April 7th, 2020, Bionrgwood handed over to the local Police Department with human capital of up to 500 employees, 10.000 disposable gloves and 1.200 masks. The medical supplies were handed over by Bionrgwood’s COO, Kira Charakidou, and will be distributed internally by Commander Minas Scarlio, who received the donation.