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Construction wood

Advantages of Wood Construction

  1. Simplicity of construction. The wood beams, joists, and studs can be cut to size onsite and, unlike some other construction materials, no heavy equipment is required.
  2. Speed of construction. While the frame is generally built on site, some elements can be prefabricated allowing for greater control of details and less time in construction.
  3. Sustainability. Wooden buildings are, unlike concrete and steel ones, made from a renewable resource and one that is especially abundant in North America: trees.
  4. Carbon-capture benefits. Over the course of its life cycle, trees remove carbon from the air, but they return that captured carbon into the soil and the atmosphere when they eventually decompose. When wood is used in the construction of a house, however, the carbon remains trapped, at least as long as the building still stands.
  5. Insulation. Compared to other materials like glass, concrete, and steel, wood has low-thermal conductivity—in other words, it retains heat and makes for a more energy efficient home.
  6. Improved air quality. Some studies indicate that the air quality in wood buildings is better, with fewer toxic emissions compared to some other construction materials.

Types of construction wood for any project: