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Dimensional lumber

Dimensional lumber (also known as engineered lumber) has become increasingly popular and more builders are becoming familiar with it every day. Technological advances have made dimensional lumber extremely useful for builders. This type of wood is perfect for situations where contractors need a bulk amount of lumber that is all exactly the same size.

  • May also be treated with water soluble solutions.

Our Great Selection of Lumber
The number one advantage of purchasing dimensional lumber is the consistency of quality material. It is highly unlikely that any pieces will warp, twist or shrink. At BIONRGWOOD SMPC , every piece that we offer has uniform stiffness and strength that you can rely on. Not to mention, you can cut major costs by utilizing dimensional lumber. Since every piece of wood is pre-cut and measured, your installation time will decrease immensely. Also, this type of lumber is often much lighter than traditional lumber, so the amount of labor will be reduced as well.

If you are looking for an efficient and environmentally friendly way to get your project finished, dimensional lumber may be the right choice for you. Visit or call Lampert Lumber today and we will help make your next project the best one yet!