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Our Facilities

Investing in modern technology while respecting the environment

At the production plant of BIONRGWOOD, the impregnation procedures are carried out using cutting-edge equipment and technology of Finish origin. This equipment allows modern impregnation practices to be used, such as Type B & C creosote and water-soluble preservatives such as Tanalith-E. Production control is automated using a system of programmable logic controllers (PLC) which cover both the production process as well as the equipment safety and also determine and control the impregnation parameters.

The company has installed specialised systems to capture emission of volatile organic compounds (VOC) from the production using a system of piping and special UV filters. In addition, the facilities have been built-up in such a way that when rainwater comes into contact with residual chemical substances (as a result of a production), it is filtered and leaves the facilities clean.

The fact that BIONRGWOOD’s facilities are located very close to the production of its raw materials and to the ports of Kavala and Nea Peramos creates a significant competitive advantage when it comes to shipment of its products both in terms of cost and time.


Focused on growth, we turn our eyes to a shared future with you

BIONRGWOOD’s is a follow-on from Drama’s Wood Treatment Industry SA which was set up in 1997 by timber associations and forest workers from the region of Drama, Greece to better utilize the area’s forest wealth.

The company produces and sells timber and in recent years it has been developed dynamically in the energy sector and infrastructure as well. With a large number of clients and associates within Greece and abroad, BIONRGWOOD offers a significant range of timber products and by-products to the market. Its main business is impregnating wooden poles with creosote and water-soluble preservatives to meet the needs of state and private organizations in both Greece and abroad.

The company’s annual production capacity exceeds 80,000m3. The production plant is located in the Agios Athnasios, region of Drama, Greece at very close proximity to the local forest which is considered to be the mother of all forests in Greece, as it is the largest in Greece. Thanks to the abundance of pine trees (Pinus silvestris) and the fact that the forest grows under favourable soil and climate conditions, the texture of local timber ensures the best possible raw material for top quality products.

BIONRGWOOD is firmly focuses on retaining its leading position in its core sector and is dedicated to offering flawless services and adopting innovative practices. Being the only Greek member off the European Institute for Wood Preservation (WEI), BIONRGWOOD is constantly improving itself by adopting innovative initiatives and entering into partnerships focused on its vision for a better shared future.