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Treated lumber

At BIONRGWOOD SMPC , we realize that some of the most satisfying projects to complete are outdoor projects. Whether you are building a fence, table or deck, your project will provide you with years of beauty, privacy and entertainment. There are specific types of lumber that work best for this type of job and we often recommend pressure treated wood. When you build with untreated wood, it is unfortunately a feeding ground for insects and bacteria and can get destroyed within a couple years.

Our Great Selection of Lumber
In order to protect the lumber from insects, fungus and other microorganisms, the wood is chemically protected with a process called pressure treating. Depending on which risk you are trying to avoid, wood can be treated with anything from pesticides to fire retardants. Treated lumber usually lasts for up to 20 years or more, which makes it a great choice for home projects. Because this is chemically-treated lumber, we do recommend to always wear gloves and protective eyewear when handling. If you are looking for great pressure treated lumber products for outdoor applications, come check out our selection at Lampert Lumber. We will provide you with everything you need to know when working with this type of wood.

  • NOTE: All our construction wood categories may be treated with water soluble solutions in order to provide a high lifecycle and be protected from fungus and any other microorganisms that could destroy the wood during its lifecycle.

Depending on the species of wood treatment may vary. Contact our experts in BIONRGWOOD SMPC in order to further assist you.