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Spf lumber

BIONRGWOOD SMPC carries a variety of softwood lumber products and we are committed to delivering a quality product to you every time. On that note, we are happy to offer a selection of SPF Lumber, also known as Spruce-Pine-Fir. SPF is a lightweight and versatile class of wood that is an excellent choice for house construction. The trees that this lumber comes from are very fast-growing and grow straight and tall. Because of the tree’s qualities, SPF lumber has fewer knots. This type of lumber is also kiln-dried, which makes it dimensionally stable and very straight.

Benefits of SPF Lumber
Another benefit to SPF lumber is its attractive appearance. This type of wood is very clean, contains small knots and ranges from white to pale yellow, which makes it a great choice for interior projects.
Some types of SPF lumber include:

  • Lodgepole Pine
  • North Europe Fir
  • White Spruce

May also be treated with water soluble solutions